The Daily Day
by Doc Searls Saturday, June 8, 2019

The tide is turning against all of digital advertising, and not just adtech. This Wall Street Journal article suggests the same.

I loved Mac Rebennack, akd Dr. John. Bummed that he's gone.

Good piece on fake news, in The Atlantic, which Privacy Badger says is no longer spying on me. That's why I just screen-shot the image on the right. 

Later: what I reported in the last paragraph appears to have been an anomaly. Privacy Badger now reports 13 potential trackers at The Atlantic, including,,,, and I list those because I invited none of them into my browser, and in fact use Privacy Badger to block them.

By the way, that's much the same list I tweeted about, inviting the magazine to come this third rail: that they're just as guilty of spying on people as Google and Facebook, which they're glad to give shit for violating personal privacy. Naturally, the third rail remains un-grabbed.

Firefox now blocks third party trackers by default. Thank you.

New York Times videos on Russian Disinformation. Also, "Privacy Badger detected 19 potential trackers on this page." It finds two here on this blog: Facebook Connect and Google Analytics. I block cookies from both, because I don't want to be tracked. At Linux Journal we dropped Google Analytics because about 60% of our readers block tracking one way or another. And Google Analytics relies on tracking.

It was sad to see the utterly defeated look on the faces of the Warriors last night. Prediction: the Raptors will win on Monday, Canada will go nuts, and Kawhi will stay.

A tweet replying to @linuxjournal @make and @makerfaire: Sad indeed. Make and Makerfaire have long been models for me of how a specialty magazine and a specialty event ought to be done. The @hackaday piece does leave open a glimmer of hope that @dalepd can pull something together. Hey #makers, can you make #ReMake a project? This is now part of a thread.

One of my favorite old Onion pieces

Thanks to e-Patient Dave for pointage to the song Gimme My Damn Data. He writes, "Watch this three minute video, and wonder: why would three Deloitte consultants (plus two sons and a wife) record a music video about patient access to the medical record?" More e-Dave on the topic from way back. is down, which is why the image above no longer appears. (Later... it was an outage in the network, apparently concentrated around Dallas, where sits in a rack.)