#ThomasFire 2017_12_16 9:55am PST
by Doc Searls Saturday, December 16, 2017
If you want to follow main(est)stream media coverage of the #ThomasFire, I believe your best option is the KEYT/KCOY/KKFX app on your iOS or Android mobile phone or pad.

I have now received a text from the Emergency Preparedness Office (I think it's called), and just now an automated phone call as well. (I pressed 1 to confirm receipt.)

KEYT, on "TV Hill" they call it—actually the east end of the Mesa—is in a perfect vantage for watching Santa Barbara, Montecito, the Santa Ynez Mountains and the "front country" that is now on fire.

Road closures: Northbound 101 near Turnpike (on the west side of town), gasoline from an overturned tanker truck had to be cleared somehow, and the road repaved (!), so that's still closed. So is 154, and a partial on 101 near Sea Cliff to facilitate evacuation of Santa Barbara toward Los Angeles. "Southbound" 101 (actually eastbound, on the South Coast) is open there to maximize evacuation. Only La Conchita (local Sea Cliff) residents are allowed northbound toward Santa Barbara. Otherwise it's closed to allow emergency vehicles maximum easement toward the fire area.

With way over 8000 fire fighting personnel on the Thomas Fire, this may be the biggest deployment against a fire. Dunno though.