#ThomasFire 2017_12_16 9:35am PST
by Doc Searls Saturday, December 16, 2017
Nearly all of Montecito and much of Santa Barbara (including the area where we live) are now under mandatory evacuation as the Thomas Fire (#ThomasFire) approaches.

I'm reporting on this from our apartment in New York, while working the Web and watching the KEYT/KCOY/KKFX app on my iPhone and on my iPad over the Dish Anywhere app, which gives us a way to watch our home Dish Network TV system. On that I'm currently watching KEYT's over-the-air (Channel 3) broadcast. This will work as long as the house has power and an Internet connection. As of 9:15pm Pacific Time, it still is.

I would normally be writing about this on my blog at Harvard, but all of blogs/harvard.edu seems to be down. Bad timing. So I'm glad I have this channel, and thank @DaveWiner for that.

9:32am PST: Most of Santa Barbara is now under either voluntary or mandatory evacuation. This includes all the Riviera and downtown.

On Flickr, I just put up screen shots of KEYT coverage. Shortlink: http://bit.ly/thmsfr

I'll post this now, and date/time this and subsequent posts in the titles.