#ThomasFire 2017_12_16 10:37am PST
by Doc Searls Saturday, December 16, 2017

"Flames are now overtaking the #TeaGarden..." says KEYT (10:19am PST). and you can see it live. Winds are too strong for aircraft to fly in with water or retardant.

The winds appear to have shifted toward the east-southeast, and no longer toward the south, which means toward Montecito more than Santa Barbara.

KEYT earlier reported that Corey Iverson, the firefighter from San Diego who perished in the Thomas Fire above Filmore (the east flank of the fire, more than 40 miles from the action in Montecito), succumbed of "thermal injuries" and "smoke inhalation," during a backfire exercise that turned on his crew. That's according to the autopsy report.

We are now watching at least one structure (I think an out building near the Tea Garden) burn on live TV. Again, I'm watching this on our home Dish Network TV box, which we can see over the Net via Dish Anywhere. Very handy.

http://blogs.harvard.edu/doc and all of blogs.harvard.edu are still down.