Today's public notes
by Doc Searls Wednesday, November 1, 2017

I put up about 20 years' worth of headshots.

Fred Wilson has a better way to do bike sharing.

In The Lie of Transparency, Bob Hoffman (aka @AdContrarian) points at the lovely hair shirt Emperor Adtech isn't wearing but says it is. Even reputable journalists believe it, too.

Maybe the reason political divisions haven't been this deep since the '60s and Vietnam is that now, like then, one side is simply wrong.  Back then supporting the Vietnam war was a huge mistake. Now supporting Trump is exactly the same.

Twitter didn't kill the First Amendment, as Tim Wu says here, but it sure didn't help.

The Swarm Project looks interesting.

The World Economic Forum on Bitcoin vs. Banks. goes subscription

Here in Santa Barbara La Casa de la Raza now has its own FM station: KZAA/96.5. It's just 100 watts from the .org's headquarters in town. But it covers the city itself, which is the idea. Not much about it on the website, but there is a Facebook page too.

Always good to re-read Andrew Oldlyzko's Network Neutrality, Search Neutrality, and the Never-ending Conflict between Efficiency and Fairness in Markets. Andrew rocks at this stuff. I see some potential overlap between where Andrew goes and where Michael Elling has been for some time too: "If network A has 1 million users and network B has 1000 users, the value of network B to network A is up to 2000x greater with terminating settlement than with just bill and keep, or no settlement. Therefore it is in A’s interest to 'fund' B’s network via a terminating settlement to capture and retain that increased value. This is also known as the network effect or Metcalfe's law."

Adam Gopnik: "What we should fear is not a deep state but a state robbed of its depth."