Rolling notes du jour
by Doc Searls Monday, October 30, 2017

Scott Adams tweets his endorsement of the cryptocurrency movement. Here's his post. I find his pro-Trump stuff fascinating and insufferable at the same time (for reasons that require more time and braining than I'm willing to commit right now). This, however, is different. Not sure how, but it is. By the way, this is his girlfriend. Just sharing facts here. You can't have opinions about facts. (For thus spake Prof. Peter Schickele on this album, which I still have somewhere.)

Yesterday on my main blog, I posted Revolutions take time. This morning I appended a long comment, following an observant question by a reader.

A video, shot last month at the University of Southampton in the UK, in which I bring Eric and Marshall Mcluhan's tetrad of media effects to bear on The Future of Text and on digital life in general.

Nikon is closing a plant for making entry level cameras: a market 90% eaten by smartphones.

Joi Ito on resisting reduction. He goes deep: "In order to effectively respond to the significant scientific challenges of our times, I believe we must view the world as many interconnected, complex, self-adaptive systems across scales and dimensions that are unknowable and largely inseparable from the observer and the designer. In other words, we are participants in multiple evolutionary systems with different fitness landscapes at different scales, from our microbes to our individual identities to society and our species. Individuals themselves are systems composed of systems of systems, such as the cells in our bodies that behave more like system-level designers than we do." Very good stuff. Dig it.

9spokes (@9spokes) looks like a very cool dashboard for small business, which is nearly all business. I assume it works with Xero and Quickbooks, and see possibilities for as well.

Now that Walmart will be tracking me for the purposes of selling adtech trained on my ass by Walmart's own crosshairs, the chances I'll ever shop there are verging toward zero.

Superteams aren't, it seems. The Cavaliers lost at home, bigly, to the Knicks last night. The Patriots yesterday were a few dumb moves and bad calls away from losing at home to the Chargers. The Warriors lost at home for the second time in a young season, this time to the Pistons.