Distractions du jour
by Doc Searls Sunday, October 29, 2017

We've passed peak venture capital. No mention of ICOs.

Interesting to note the prevalence of saloons among businesses listed in Fremont County, Wyoming in 1890.

No surprise that MySpace, which apparently still exists, is fulla fraud.

Hierarchy is bad.

The Coalition for Better Ads (which nobody on the receiving end wants, expects or cares about) still thinks the problem is "annoying"ad formats rather than boundless tracking.

Oracle, which makes one of its livings doing creepy personalization, asks a question about when that happens.

Here's a Guardian feature on a Danish video that does the best job I've seen of demonstrating the problem. Irony::::: according to Privacy Badger, the Guardian was at the same time attempting to follow me with 27 potential trackers.

Yuval Noah Harari video interview. Bookmarked here. Haven't seen it yet. Tomorrow, then.

Is numeracy natural or not? I say if it happens in nature, it's natural.

I hate "the platform economy." Not the article linked to there. That's fine. Just the notion that it's a Good Thing. It's not.

This lamp comes on every time Trump tweets. Watch it without the music. Or save the time. I just told you enough.

If Trump is a black hole, will this let you escape?