2017_10_06 Links
by Doc Searls Friday, October 6, 2017

Shades of Christo, at the Mexico border wall. On the Mexican side, of course.

Phil Windley on Distributed Ledger Technologies in Decentralized Identity.

Tom Petty on SiriusXM. Great for fans. FWIW, I always thought that Petty was as important an artist as Springsteen, but it was kind of like the Stones vs. the Beatles. Time will prove him out, though. He was a Real Deal.

An interview with Tim O'Reilly. This is my bookmark. I've already pre-ordered the book.

Europe's proposed e-privacy regulation.

Enabling Competition & Innovation on a City Fiber Network, from the Berkman Klein Center.

A freaking amazing conversation between Vinay Gupta and Scott Nelson in London recently. I was in a conversation with both a few days before this was recorded. This link unpacks the larger sense of that conversation, and gets it down on the record (to the degree there is one here, wherever this is).

Obama tried to warn Zuckerberg. That our democracy was hacked remains a proper outrage that isn't happening because we're all somatized by Too Much Information, which Duran Duran knew in what, '82 or something?