My iPhone 5s seems to be out of gas. Now what?
by Doc Searls Saturday, September 30, 2017

I just finished restoring and upgrading my iPhone 5s to iOS 11.1. This took many tries during which I was told, in mid-fix, that my phone was disconnected. Now that all the apps are restored, I'll see how it goes, but I'm still not happy with the small size, slowness and poor photo colors that are now a feature of this old phone. 

I want a bigger phone, and one with a much better camera. My wife has a 6s and that's already a lot better. But I've A/B'd that with a 7 and liked the colors in the 7 much better. I haven't A/B'd the 7 with the 8, and all the comparisons I've seen so far have been between videos, and I care much less about that than I do about still photos.

Mostly what I'm interested in is differences in photo quality.

I'm also not taking Androids off the table, though I'm inclined to stay with the iPhone system.

  • Hey ... still using my iPhone 4 ... but planning upgrade by end of year ;-)

    • This piece convinces me that the 8 is better than the 7, and we can count on the X being better than the 8, which is really the 7s. I think I'll hold out for the X, and get it around Christmas or later, to let the first buggy wave pass.