A good deal going from bad to wurst
by Doc Searls Saturday, August 26, 2017

The problem is Isaiah Thomas' hip.

If Isaiah(+Jae)-for-Kyrie deal falls through it will be an NBA-record clusterfuck. Isaiah and Jae don’t want to come back to the Celtics, and we know Kyrie still wants out of Cleveland. My guess is that the Celtics will throw in another draft pick just to get the deal all the way done.

BTW, Isaiah’s bad hip is just the first shoe to fall. (And with it that he’ll never be full strength again. Hope that's not true, but I think it is. I know hips.) The other shoe is that LeBron hasn’t been full strength since before the playoffs. An 80% LeBron is still super, but from what I saw late in the season something isn’t quite right with that guy and it hasn’t come out yet. But it’ll still help an 80% LeBron a lot to have even a 70% Isaiah on the floor. He may not move as well as he used to, but he still has infinite heart, and shoots the hell out of the ball.

The Cavs, btw, are still very scary. Their whole team, bench included, is pretty deep with name-brand talent. And betcha they’ll sign Dwayne Wade soon too.

Meanwhile, Boston, who are most of these guys?