Podcast Summitry
by Doc Searls Friday, April 14, 2017

The first podcast summit (at least as I see it) will happen today, when two fathers of podcasting at its most original and best—Dave Winer and Chris Lydon—will co-star in the opening conversation at Conference on the Podcast at Columbia. I'll be there too. Can't wait.

In Journalism and the Braintrust, Dave unpacks what makes Chris's Open Source podcast the best in the business. And believe me: it is. Nothing else comes close.

Other links: 

- conference blog

- Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything podcast. (He'll be talking at the conference too.)

- Podcatch.com, Dave's great way to listen to best-of podcasts as if they were radio. (At least as I see it.)

- Earliest Lydon podcasts, compiled by Dave.

It is essential to recall that Dave prototyped podcasting (which he also made possible through RSS 2.0, standardizing the way podcasts are syndicated) with Chris. The two worked together as a team when both were hanging at Harvard's Berkman Klein Center. I was a hanger-on for both, which probably also helped get me involved with the BKC in the years following.

BTW, I have a podcast too. It has to be the least frequent ever. I'll get it up and running when I figure out Audacity, or something that makes producing them easier. 

First in that queue will be a long-overdue interview with Stephen Lewis of Bubkes.org. I fucked up editing it not long after recording Steve on Skype in October 2013. I feel worse about that than anything else in my life, because I let an old friend down very hard by not finishing it. Somewhere I do have the original recordings, though. So perhaps all is not yet lost.