Tweeting a storm & live blogging
by Doc Searls Thursday, March 23, 2017

Yesterday at Harvard I live-tweeted 20 Questions on Shock Events with Heather Cox Richardson using Dave's new Electric Pork tool.  It was great to be able to write numbered tweets and to discover in the process how to make them coherent, I still miss live blogging, though. Among other advantages, I can go back and correct errors. 

While it's cool that tweets can be followed up on, with corrections, (as Heather did for one of my errors here), and to convey thanks (as she did here), and that Twitter does provide a place where some interesting volleys can take place, it's still one company's silo, and a very limited and limiting say to communicate and to spread the word (whatever the word may be). 

But hey, we're still getting this Internet thing off to a start. We can, and will, do better.