At least none have exploded in the sky
by Doc Searls Saturday, December 17, 2016

Yesterday, while I was hanging out in line with a friend and other freezing passengers about to board a Megabus from New York to Boston, people passed the time sharing stories of many intercity bus transport failures. Examples:

— Tires blown. One bus kept going until passengers in mutiny got the driver to stop.

— A bus with a blown tire that still had enough other tires to finish carrying it the last mile to its destination, but instead had to sit while a car with a mechanic dispatched from headquarters came out, an hour later, to inspect the bus and say it was okay to proceed.

— A bus that jammed under a railroad trestle while the driver was lecturing a trainee on best practices. (One of my stories.)

— A bus that caught fire.

— A bus driver who had no navigation instrument to help when a traffic jam forced the bus onto surface streets, so a passenger with a phone and a map app (my wife in this case) stepped up to co-pilot the bus, getting cheers from the rest of the passengers when the bus finally arrived.

Now our son is in a failed bus from Ohio to New York, waiting for a replacement to arrive at a rest stop.

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