Ride on
by Doc Searls Saturday, November 26, 2016

After an excellent Thanksgiving with the family in Morgan Hill, CA, we began today's long wacky trip.

Started at 3:15am, when we picked up The Kid at an in-law's house in Morgan Hill, then drove up to SFO. There we dropped him off for his flights to Denver and Columbus, turned around and headed down 101, vectored for Pasadena.

That's where we are now, 400 miles later. Soon we'll catch a ride to LAX, where we'll catch a plane for London.

Which we should get to in time for some meetings tomorrow.

Then we're booked solid on business for a week there.

Then back to New York.

I need a nap.

[Later, at LAX...] The flight is delayed more than an hour. Missing first officer (no kidding). The pilot is a friend, and is concerned because the officer can't be found. A sub is coming in off the bench.

[Eventually, in Southampton, UK...] We were on the road and in the air for close to 24 hours, 19:43 of which was "moving time," according to my GPS.