Who wants their car to be a marketing conduit for "brands?"
by Doc Searls Thursday, October 27, 2016

GM and IBM do. So I wrote this in the comments under that link:

Earth to GM, IBM, and brands of all kinds: nobody buys a car for its marketing system. This article just talked me out of ever wanting to buy a new GM car.

Drivers want to drive. Not to be driven.

It doesn't matter how well Watson thinks it understands what a driver might want. If the system steers the coffee snob driver toward Starbucks instead of a better coffee shop that isn't paying for placement on the dashboard, that driver is going to to feel betrayed and hate the whole thing.

The other two comments, so far:

Can I get a discount for the non-ad version? and

Intrusive BS...! Ad Blocker's 1st app for me...!

It may help to remember that the term "branding" comes to us from the cattle industry.