Like a nuclear weapon against a dumpster fire
by Doc Searls Saturday, October 8, 2016

On a large family mailing list, politics came up for the first time. Here's what I wrote::::

Can’t wait till this thing is over.

I stupidly stayed up almost to 1am waiting for Trump to issue his recorded “apology," which the news networks said was coming. It turned out to be just 90 seconds long, and it could hardly have been more vain and unapologetic. Basically all he said was, “Forgive me for something I said ten years ago, but don’t forgive Hillary for stuff her husband did twenty years ago.”

The only thing that matters about Trump is that he’s utterly unfit to be President of the U.S. You’d think he’s running for Pharaoh. Hell, he already lives like one. The only reason he hasn’t built a pyramid yet is that he lacks the slaves for the job.

The dude is a world-record narcissist with a heart the size of a raisin, utterly lacking in sympathy, empathy or respect for any person or group that doesn’t serve his selfish interests, thin-skinned and litigious to a fault (he’s sued thousands) and contemptuous of facts that don’t serve his interests or prejudices.

Bad as what Trump said on that tape was, worse is his continued insistence that five teenage black boys accused of raping a white woman — the Central Park five — who served full sentences of up to fifteen years for a crime they did not commit, and whose innocence was proved by both DNA evidence and a confession by the actual perpetrator (whose DNA was confirmed), and whose convictions were reversed by a court of law, are still guilty. Back when the case was fresh in the news, Trump took out full page ads calling for the death penalty, which in this case would have been used on boys as young as fifteen. Here’s one.

The ad pitched the death penalty as a way to restore law and order to New York. And now Trump wants to bring back stop-and-frisk, which has been declared unconstitutional, even the police hated using, and is hardly needed, since New York today is no more dangerous than Graham—unless you walk in traffic. Really, we could leave our front door of our Manhattan apartment building unlocked for months and nothing would happen. The crime rate in New York’s worst zip code is lower than the average for Baltimore. The reasons are many, but none are owed to the methods Trump would have us use.

For months I’ve thought that Trump would win, but these latest blasts from the past give me hope that he won’t. I also hope our friends on the right do their best after November to make the GOP the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan again.

Meanwhile, best to look at Trump as the nuclear option for a dumpster fire. Don’t push the button.