We had the wrong president
by Doc Searls Wednesday, September 14, 2016

 I had been blogging for two years already when 9/11 happened. Here's my report from that day, and the one from the day after, fifteen years ago. Looking back on that, I feel the same way now that I did then: we had the wrong guy in charge.

The 9/11 attacks were clearly meant to sucker-punch the U.S., but also to lure the country into war. A wiser president would have had a thoughtful, sophisticated and less costly response than going into what has turned out to be an enduring state of war in Afghanistan (and bordering parts of Pakistan) and Iraq (and now Syria and bordering parts of Turkey). 

I could say more, but the moment is passed. (I wrote this on 9/11 and failed, amidst travels, to post it.)