Listeners to public radio stations: loose the pre-roll on your live stream
by Doc Searls Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I'm on a poor connection at an AirBnB in Quebec, trying to listen to the Democratic National Convention.  Video won't work, but audio will, much of the time. But not all. There are lots of drop outs. 

At the moment we're listening to KPCC, from Los Angeles. It's one of the many public radio stations carrying  the convention, but one we listen to a lot when we're in town. It's also one of our faves when we're on the road as well.

The problem is, every time we lose the connection, KPCC comes back with a pre-roll promo, before going to the program the listener wants. Worse, the pre-roll is almost always so faint that it can hardly be heard. This has been the case for months, in fact.

So, a small appeal to KPCC and other stations running pre-roll announcements and promos on live streams: just stop. You have plenty of announcements and promos during programs. Thanks.