Some helpful additional AirBnB questions
by Doc Searls Monday, July 25, 2016

Having now stayed in quite a few AirBnBs, here are some additional questions it will help to ask before making a deal to stay in one:

  • Does it have AC?
  • Does the AC reach the bedroom? 
  • If there is no AC, are there fans? Can any one of them be put in a window to blow in outside air?
  • How big is the bed?
  • Is the mattress just a box spring?
  • Are there chairs? Are any of them soft and comfortable enough to work in on a laptop?
  • Are there power outlets that can be reached? Or are they all behind furniture?
  • Are there data limits on the Internet that would prevent running Netflix or holding a Skype call?
  • Does the wi-fi reach the room where guests will be working on their mobiles or laptops?
  • How good is the Internet connection? Please use, and say what grades it gives the connection.
  • How many stairs must be climbed to reach the place being rented?
  • Is there a refrigerator that can be used?
  • Is there parking? If not, how much does parking cost, and how far away is it?
  • Are the lights only pale blue fluorescent ones?

In our 3 weeks so far on the road in Canada, those are some of the questions we wish we'd asked. 

That said, we've been pleased overall. Hospitality quality has been very high. (Is this a Canadian thing, or have we just been lucky?) For example, in our current place — one at the top of 49 stairs to the floor and no AC (which we knew... in fact no available AirBnB's here have AC) — the owner replaced a leaky drain trap, a bad shower valve and a bad valve in the toilet tank, cheerfully and quickly. 

  • Great List Doc.