The Best Way to Blog
by Doc Searls Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I just gotta say that blogging here really is like blogging in 1999.

That's when Dave got me blogging this way on his pioneering platform of the time. It was in November of that year, which was after we (David Weinberger, Chris Locke, Rick Levine and I) wrote both the Cluetrain site (April) and book (August), but before the book came out (in January 2000). Had we blogged earlier, we would have talked it up in the book. 

Anyway, the old blog is still up, by the grace of Jake Savin, who maintains the server. Here is the first post where, it seems in retrospect, I hit my stride as a blogger.

It's so much easier to blog in the interface than it is the Wordpress one (which I use at and and Medium's, though they both have their virtues. 

While both those platforms lend themselves mostly to long-form postings, though I see (or saw) today that Ev Williams disclosed changes to the platform to make short postings easier and more sensible. Except now I can't find it.  Here's his latest. Maybe one of ya'll can find it there.