Leading thoughts
by Doc Searls Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Jonathan Taplin on The America Scalia Made — for the 1%. Jon's bottom lines:

Robert Reich recently wrote, “Big Tech has been almost immune to serious antitrust scrutiny, even though the largest tech companies have more market power than ever. Maybe that’s because they’ve accumulated so much political power.”
In the coming battle over a new Supreme Court justice, never forget that the election is really an extension of “we are the 99%.” I think both Clinton and Sanders (and sometimes even Trump) get this. Ted Cruz will rail that without another Scalia “We are one justice away from the Supreme Court striking down every restriction on abortion, and mandating unlimited abortion on demand, up until the time of birth.” But this is not what the Koch Brothers, JP Morgan Chase or Google are thinking about. They want to preserve American capitalism just the way it is. And Antonin Scalia was their biggest ally, because he was one of the 9 ultimate arbiters. Now we need a Supreme Court justice for the people, not for the 1%. And it needs to happen soon.

Jon is the outgoing director of the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab. Incoming is Colin Maclay, who (with other good friends and colleagues) brought me into the Berkman Center a decade ago. By the way, you know (and probably love some of) Jon's work