Bots vs. Humanity
by Doc Searls Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Interesting to see the Conversational Economy unpacked without a hat-tip toward the Cluetrain original. It's defined, by Sarah Guo, as "the collection of companies and products built with or alongside a primarily conversational computing interface. It encompasses the growth of 1) messaging applications, 2) voice-controlled computing, 3) bots and services that sit — or just start — within messaging apps/voice-controlled hardware, and 4) enabling, picks-and-shovels products."

No mention of human beings, which is a typical industry thing. And too bad, because it's otherwise a good rundown of What's Going On.

FWIW, my own take on bots is in What's Our Next Fight, my Linux Journal column for May. Scroll down to the last section, under the subtitle "Freedom." Note the quotage from Mark Zuckerberg, which concerns Facebook's approach to bots. It's in there.